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A Graceful Soul in the Universe

by Victoria "Vitya" Silverstein

Shamira is something out of a dream. She is the dream of how every woman sees herself at her most sensual and beautiful moments, and what men dream of as their ultimate image of woman. She is the timeless image of reverence where the heavens meet the earth. She, in her dance, portrays an array of emotions and attitudes, and it always looks real--the beauty of woman in all her moods. This allows women to see and feel comfortable with the wheel that is woman. The moods move from playful, wild, joyous, shy, entranced, ecstatic, overwhelmed, frenetic, to name a few.

Certainly watching Shamira bellydance for the first time will evoke something different in each person. Some align with the art and joy. For others it can bring forth feelings of discomfort in regards to their sexuality, body image, even mental attitudes. She mirrors all. So in each experience is perhaps a healing through a self-awareness that she brings through the innocence of her dance. The master shaman shows us a mirror of our self, raises the energy in the room, lifts spirits. She is a bringer of the light which, if we allow it, will shine on any darkness that exists, and gives us the opportunity to release, change, or grow.

For her students, she shows them the beauty, grace and ability they have within themselves and are birthing through their practice. They receive the inspiration she transmits--"If I can do it, so can you"--and they do. One by one, at untimed intervals, once awkward and stiff, maybe some out of shape, women blossom into beautiful, graceful "goddesses." This is the magic of Shamira. In her non-judgemental, loving way, she allows all to rise into their birthright as goddesses. Many have been able to shed negative body thoughts, pounds, inches, and inhibitions simply by getting in touch with the innate movement of the body, allowing the natural sensuality to come out in a safe and sacred setting.

Whether you go see Shamira perform, take her classes, or practice in the privacy of your own home with her instructional DVDs, you will no doubt be touched by the power and the brilliance of the goddess that she embodies. Shamira, a graceful soul in the universe not to be missed!

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