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"The Divine Divas of Oriental Bellydance - Part II"

Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Series
        Part 1: August 14, 2003  go to part 1
Part 2: August 26, 2004

Starring Ayshe, Elena, Rayhana, Samara, and Shamira
All accompanied by Shamira's band, The Mogador Band
Show produced and choreographed by Shamira

Following the Great Blackout show of 2003, the following year in the summer of 2004 Lincoln Center invited the Divine Divas back for an encore. Featured again were the Mogador band and all five dancers. There was no blackout this time, the weather was perfect, and the troupe including Ayshe enjoyed success to a standing-room-only crowd.

August 30, 2004

Dear Shamira and Artists of the Divine Divas of Oriental Bellydance Part II:

On behalf of Lincoln Center and Lincoln Center Out of Doors, congratulations on a very very successful return performance, with electricity and sound this time, in our series. We estimate that about 2,500 to 3,000 people attended this performance and responded with delight and enthusiasm to your dancing. The Mogador Band sounded excellent and provided a great background for you all. The press gave wonderful coverage--I saw the television interview, it was great!

All of us are very happy to make this performance happen at last. I know you were all pleased and happy, and the weather could not have been better.

My personal best wishes to you all for success and good health,

Jenneth Webster
Lincoln Center Out of Doors

Samara & Rayhana 2004
Shamira 2004
Ayshe & Samara 2004

On Stage
Ayshe 2004
Photo by Will Linden
Shamira 2004
Photo by Will Linden
Samara 2004
Photo by Will Linden
Rayhana 2004
Photo by Will Linden
Elena 2004
Photo by Will Linden

Shamira 2004
Photo by Will Linden

Band 2004

The Mogador Band - (l-r) Michael Hess, Maurice Chedide, Amir Naoum,
Aziz Mohammed, Ira Weitz
Photo by Will Linden

Elena, Samara, Ayshe, Rayhana, & Shamira 2004
The Divas
Photo by Will Linden

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"The Divine Divas of Oriental Bellydance"
"The Divine Divas of Oriental Bellydance - Part II"

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