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There's a Lot to be Said for Mystery

by Les

This is hard for me to describe exactly, but when I watch a belly­dancer, there is the natural attraction of seeing a beautiful woman's body. In this sense, it's the same kind of experience as seeing a woman in other circumstances. But within the context of a bellydance, I'm taken to higher place where I'm not only experiencing the beauty of her body but also the beauty of her feminine soul.

There is the hint of sexual power within the dance, an almost slyness as she opens herself up to let you glimpse the sexual energy she possesses. I'm not sure "sexual" is the right word. It seems inadequate because it's really about everything that's feminine. It's gentle, powerful, beautiful, ecstatic and sexual.

This was what impressed me when I went to my first show two years ago. It was like seeing a new world. I thought now this is what's it's all about! It was enlightening.

Since then I've also been impressed by how bellydancing brings out the beauty individual to each woman. There is a whole side of them that comes out on stage. I'm reminded by this every time I see a dancer afterwards in the audience. If I had not seen her perform, I would have thought that there is an attractive woman. However, having seen her dance, I see something more. By extension I see something more in the women everywhere. And I wonder if they're aware of the power they possess.

On top of everything I said above, bellydancing is just plain fun and enjoyable to watch! What a pleasant way to spend the evening.

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