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I've got to get Gibran-esque about this and refer to bits & pieces from his Raks Sharki 6 poem, THE DANCE.

Last night at Satalla, you "Danced the dance of flames & fire, of stars & space, & of flowers in the wind." And when the prince said unto her, "Beautiful Woman, daughter of grace & delight, whence comes your art? .... and how is it that you command all the elements in your rhythms & your rhymes?" And the dancer said, "The philosopher's soul dwells within his head, the poet's within his heart, the singer's about his throat, but the soul of the dancer abides in all her body."

Last night you made Gibran's THE DANCE, come alive!

Last night it ... was as if there was only one dancer on earth, because only one was needed, and you were THAT DANCER CHOSEN BY THE UNIVERSE. Because you commanded all of the elements, and all of your body's soul. The universe didn't have to waste time finding a "second, stand- in, stand-by" dancer because you were capable of dancing the sacred dance. You enabled the universe to conserve its energy and use it for its next needed task.

When you entered with "Alf Leila," your signature music, face covered with the Aziz Black, you entered as a mystery. I thought, "Who is she?" I didn't know you. You transformed, you SHAPESHIFTED. Your spins, at times they were saying you were a tornado, a graceful bird in flight, then maybe you were being called to burrow down to the earth's core, & you were a sunflower following the movement of the sun. Then I stood up, out of my chair to see how your feet were able to remain on earth, you were in flight but still in contact with the earth. Then after the spins, or maybe even sometimes before, you gave us your "soul" with your hips, your arms, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, face, hair, calves, knees, thighs.

Then you involved us to participate in your ecstasy by dancing with you. When you got everyone going, you were no longer needed, everyone's dancing no longer needed Shamira the leader, Shamira the catalyst. Their dancing took on a life of its own, it had its own momentum. What was so PROFOUND was that you brought those`dancing to the point of LETTING GO of you, of releasing you. Maybe on`some deeper level they could now transfer LETTING GO to areas in their daily lives which they need to move away from so they can move more unobstructedly & freer along their "paths." I REALIZED THIS PROFOUND DYNAMIC YOU SET OFF when you stood on the stage with the band, looking down at the joyful dancing. You should have seen that look on your face, you had SUCH A SMILE, mission accomplished.

Baby, you were beaming !

I think because you had that stage (which Shamira The Alchemist later turned into a dance floor), you were being nurtured by the unseen which presides over us, you were nurtured swiftly into full "dancing blossom." I thought this is what I would expect on the stage at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, PBS & other television stations.

Yeah, often the full breadth of your artistry is compromised by dancing around all over the place in other clubs and restaurants, inbetween tables without a stage. BUT KEEP THE L'ORANGE BLEUEs OF THE WORLD IN PERSPECTIVE. Dancing inbetween tables without a stage is spiritual the way you accomplish it. The joy you spread makes the patrons happy to be alive, and momentarily forget their problems. And when this happens, they may possibly become less stressed out, more relaxed and better able to solve their seemingly insurmountable problems. And remember, you seem to be the only dancer who consistently succeeds at this. Too bad you have to experience so many minimally-evolved people along the way. But it's really too bad the "unevolved" don't provide you with a stage as you had at Satalla - their loss, and a huge loss it is. Now check into comments & conversations I overheard last night ....

A DANCER: "Those zills, no`one plays them like Shamira."

HAIG (the oud player in the band): "Shamira cuts the diamond so fine."

ME TO HAIG: "What do you mean?"

HAIG REPLIES: "When she dances, she cuts the diamond with such a clean, sharp edge. She executes her moves so clearly."

ME to HAIG: "How does that happen?"

HAIG ANSWERS," Because she just keeps dancing like a champion."


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