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Hire Shamira for Children's Bellydance Parties
Bergen County, Northern New Jersey, New York City
Tri-State Area & The Jersey Shore

I am GREAT with kids. They are so adorable and LOVE to learn how to bellydance.

I dance for them, demonstrate finger cymbals, veils, and sword balancing, then I get them up in a big circle where I show them how to belly dance. I bring little veils for them to use and also dress them up in sparkly coin hip scarves. There are usually a few extras for the moms too. Children are super bright and enthusiastic. They pick up all the moves I show them right away and have a ball. It will be the best birthday party they ever had!

At the end, one by one (very carefully and only with the moms' permission) I let them take a turn balancing the sword on their heads. The look of wonderment and accomplishment on their cute faces is priceless.

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Kids Bellydance Parties in
Bergen County, Northern New Jersey, New York City
Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx
Westchester, Hudson, Essex, Ocean Counties
Long Island, Upstate New York, Connecticut
Central New Jersey, the Jersey Shore
& the Tri-State Area

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