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Bellydancing: The Sensuous Workout 2

Maksoum Drum Solo

Here is a sample video clip from The Sensuous Workout 2 "Pure Technique" DVD. This "Maksoum Drum Solo" is the third of the three combinations shown on the DVD. Each combination brings together movements taught in the Technique chapters and puts them together into upbeat, low-impact bellydance workouts. Enjoy!

Bellydancing: The Sensuous Workout 2 with Shamira "Pure Technique" DVD Cover

The Sensuous Workout 2
with Shamira
"Pure Technique"

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Bellydancing: The Sensuous
Workout 2 "Pure Technique" DVD

Twenty-Two Chapters of Bellydance Technique Instruction

Chapter 1 - Hipwalks/Hiplocks

Chapter 2 - Hip Circles

Chapter 3 - Large Circles

Chapter 4 - Inside/Outside Circles

Chapter 5 - Hiplifts

Chapter 6 - Hipdrops

Chapter 7 - Rocking Horse

Chapter 8 - Step-lift/Triple lift

Chapter 9 - Slides

Chapter 10 - Twists

Chapter 11 - Yanks

Chapter 12 - Extends

Chapter 13 - Double 8s

Chapter 14 - Bounce & Dip

Chapter 15 - Wiggle Step

Chapter 16 - Pushback

Chapter 17 - Karsilama Step

Chapter 18 - Pivot Turns

Chapter 19 - Side to Side Turns

Chapter 20 - Basic Undulation

Chapter 21 - 1/2-step

Chapter 22 - Shimmies

Three Bellydance Workout Combinations

Workout 1 - Chiftitelli

The Chiftitelli is one of the sexiest rhythms in middle-eastern music. It is usually associated with sensuous, flowing movement, stretchy arms and torso, hip circles and the like. This combination starts out with a chiftitelli to warm you up, then proceeds into an easy, bouncy beledi to energize and perk up your whole body. The combination repeats and alternates movements, all dancey, all beautiful and refreshing to your soul. Runtime: 9 min 27 sec

Workout 2 - Saiidi

The Saiidi rhythm is very folkloric, lending itself well to playful and cute steps. We use hiplocks, circles, lifts, extends, figure 8s, twists, dabke bounce, shoulder shimmies, slides, hipdrops, and many more movements all taught in the technique section. Runtime: 7 min 3 sec

Workout 3 - Maksoum Drum Solo

The maksoum is a very lively, upbeat (fast!) tempo here. This routine is designed to rev you up and get all your energy flowing. Danced alone or in order especially with the other two combinations one after another, you will get an incredible workout and feel exhilarated! Runtime: 7 min 16 sec

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